Special Note For Parents Of Dual Enrolled Students

Dual Enrollment for high school Juniors and Seniors is a great way to give kids a reality check about colleges while they are still in high school. Some students will take Dual Enrollment courses to decrease the load they will take in college.  Other students will take Dual Enrollment courses to decrease the amount of time they might take to tackle a college curriculum. Whatever the reasons, there are some things parents need to know!

  1. FERPA applies to your son or daughter's college courses. Your student must have filed a FERPA waiver in order for the college to talk with you. This was on the "All The Forms" sheet you and your student were asked to sign with the admissions application.
  2. In order for your student to get the Dual Enrollment grant money, you must apply prior to every semester for the funds. Click to learn more.
  3. To stay eligible for the Dual Enrollment grant, your child must have 3.0 grade point average at the end of each semester.
  4. You student MAY qualify for grant money to take more than one course each semester (up to four courses a year). If you decide to take the double grant money, be forewarned that the extra funds ($300 per semester) will be deducted from your child's first HOPE Scholarship award should they ultimately attend a college or university in Tennessee. Should they go to school out of state, there is NO requirement to in any way repay these additional funds.
  5. Textbooks are purchased for college classes. Today, books can be new, used (if same edition), rented or even purchased in an online version. Columbia States' bookstore is a division of Barnes and Noble Bookstores. You can check prices there or go online to search for books that way. Whether you take advantage of the bookstore at the campus or find your own textbooks, it is very important that your child has the books on the first day of class. To locate the books required for your child's class, go to the Bookstore link and enter the course number and section.

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