Picking A Major

Some people will happily tell you that they have known all their lives what they wanted to do when they grew up. Good for them! Columbia State has more than 50 majors for those folks to find exactly the educational path that they have always known they wanted to take.

Most of us spent a lot of years wanting to be a rock star, princess or a superhero. And, let's face it, many of us find ourselves in jobs that we never knew existed when we were 18. Those same 50 majors are here for all the disappointed superheros. So, if your student needs some time to explore majors, Columbia State is a great place to start. Some students will declare a major after the first year of study, but some will stay a general studies student straight through graduation day. These generalist / liberal studies majors can be found in virtually every aspect of the labor force.

Almost every major has a set of general requirements that will force students to take a smattering of courses in lots of different disciplines. In these courses, students will be encouraged to take a look at what someone might do with a degree in that particular subject area. And, most of these courses are now on what is called the Tennessee Transfer Pathway. That means that should your child decide to go further to earn a Bachelor's degree after graduating from Columbia State, these general education courses will go right along with them as transfer credits counting toward their four year degree requirements.

A Great Place To Start. Invest in Columbia State.

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