Getting On Top Of FAFSA

The Free Application For Student Aid is the federal government's form that 'unlocks' all loans and even the HOPE scholarships. This form must be filled out every year your son or daughter is in College. The form becomes available on January 1 each year. You will need your tax return for the year prior in order to fill out the FAFSA. Parent information is required IF you are declared your child as a dependent on your tax return in the previous tax year.

Your student will also have to fill in his or her tax information in order to submit the FAFSA. Remember that this is required EVERY YEAR.

Special Note for Parents of Dual Enrolled Students:
The FAFSA is NOT required for high school students who are accessing the Dual Enrollment Grants. However, the Dual Enrollment Grant form must be filled out for each individual semester your high school student is taking classes.

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