Encouraging Your Son Or Daughter

Your kids are listening! Really! They are listening to you! And study after study shows that 18-26 year olds really want their parents approval. So, here are some things to consider.

College courses are tough! Sometimes, the requirements may seem arbitrary. Sometimes, it seems that taking a break or working a minimum wage job would be easier. And, sometimes it is hard to see the forest for all those trees.

When your student starts to feel overwhelmed (and he or she will!) suggest that they remember to put one foot in front of the other. Help them think about getting lots of small things done in order to tackle the bigger things with more focus. Help them set study times for each class so that they get in the habit of checking in on every class every day. Suggest that they share their feelings with their instructors and with their advisor. Encourage them to stay hydrated, get to bed on time, turn off the computer, cellphone, and TV. Get outside and take a walk. Lay off the junk food.

What doesn't work is all the stuff that never worked in high school either. Ultimately, your student has to decide to succeed. You can point them to resources, but they have to decide to take advantage of them. Avoid talking about their stress level with your friends. Avoid comparing your child with others and even with their siblings. Your child is uniquely special and will learn adult coping skills just like you did - with trial and error and encouragement from the people you wanted most to please... YOUR PARENTS!

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