Sep 09, 2013

Summer Math Academy Winners Announced

(COLUMBIA, Tenn. - Sept. 6, 2013) - - - Columbia State Community College's access and diversity office recently announced the winners of the 2013 "Math for Life" summer math academy.

"Math is one discipline that is a part of every career that any of our current and future students may choose," said Christa S. Martin, Ed.D., assistant to the president for access and diversity. "Columbia State takes great pride in offering the "Math for Life" summer math academy."

The summer math academy provides an opportunity for middle school students to increase their knowledge of math through a series of fun, interactive workshops that help them improve their academic performance by identifying strengths as a way to overcome academic challenges. The goal is for them to have fun, learn fundamentals, and imagine their future in math.

"We update the academy each year with the help of middle school and college math teachers," Martin said. "The academy staff works hard to ensure that the experience is meaningful for the participants."

Martin commented that the students expressed it best when they shared the following on their evaluations with such comments as "I like that the teachers listened to my questions," "The thing I liked most about the academy was the group math projects," and "I would like for the academy to last 10 days rather than four."

The office of access and diversity develops and implements programs, activities and initiatives in an effort to heighten the awareness, presence and success of ethnic minorities and other under-represented groups. Columbia State works to establish a safe, nurturing and accessible environment that fosters the free and civil exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Lawrence Co. Winners (math)

Photo Caption (Lawrence Co. Winners): Left to right: Hunter Kimbrough (1st Place Highest Score), Jordan James (2nd Place Most Improved), Alene Taylor (1st Place Most Improved), Gracie Mashburn (1st Place Participation), Kathleen Vickers (2nd Place Highest Score), and John Coleman (2nd Place Participation).

Williamson Co. Winners (Math)

Photo Caption (Williamson Co. Winners): Left to right: Miles Wright (2nd Place Highest Score), Abrahim Marquez-Burns (1st Place Highest Score), Sidney Ritenour (1st Place Most Improved), Deanna Riley (1st Place Participation), Kaycie Farner (2nd Place Most Improved), and Sierra Davis (2nd Place Participation).

Columbia Winners (Math)

Photo Caption (2nd Columbia Winners): Left to right: Arcavius Goodman (2nd Place Participation, tie), Kylee Taylor (1st Place Participation), Caitlin Lane (2nd Place Participation, tie), Kayne Hassell (1st Place Most Improved), Grace Zhang (2nd Place Highest Score), and Sara Bytewerk (1st Place Highest Score).

Columbia Winners (Math)

Photo Caption (Columbia Winners): Left to right: Nolan Morris (2nd Place Participation), Taylor Springer (2nd Place Most Improved), DeMarcus White (1st Place Participation), Lauren Duke (1st Place Most Improved), Savannah Smith (2nd Place Highest Score), and Deianera Smith (1st Place Highest Score).

Autumn Hargrove Lewisburg (Math)

Photo Caption (Autumn Hargrove Lewisburg): Autumn Hargrove (1st Place Most Improved)

Autumn Defoe Lewisburg (Math)

Photo Caption (Autumn Defoe Lewisburg): Autumn DeFoe (2nd Place Most Improved)

Photo Caption (Alexis Hargrove Lewisburg): Alexis Hargrove (1st Place Participation)

Samantha Hawkins Lewisburg (Math)

Photo Caption (Samantha Hawkins Lewisburg): Samantha Hawkins (1st Place Highest Score)

Natalie Cook Lewisburg (Math)

Photo Caption (Natalie Cook Lewisburg): Natalie Cook (2nd Place Highest Score)

Jordyn Kilmer Lewisburg (Math)

Photo Caption (Jordyn Kilmer Lewisburg): Jordyn Kilmer (2nd Place Participation)