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FAQs About Classes

 Q: Why do I have to take Learning Support courses if they don’t count towards my degree?  A: Columbia State is an open-door institution, which means anyone with a high school diploma, G.E.D. or HiSET can be admitted, even if they have high school deficiencies or low ACT scores or have been out of school for a number of years. The TBR requires that these individuals be screened and tested for correct placement in courses.

Q: Why can’t I just enroll in college-level courses and see if I pass them? After all, I am paying for college myself?
A: Placement testing was implemented by the state to place students at the appropriate skill level to ensure greater success at the college level. The Tennessee Board of Regents mandates placement testing at all TBR institutions.

Q: What difference does it make if I take other courses in my college curriculum before I take my Learning Support courses?
A: TBR Policy states: Students needing Learning Support courses must enroll in and satisfactorily complete those courses during their INITIAL TERMS OF ENROLLMENT. Students may concurrently enroll in college-level courses, which do not require prerequisite skills while completing the requirements. Students are admitted to the institution on the condition that all required Learning Support courses will be completed to meet admission requirements.

Q: My work schedule prevents me from taking the required courses at the time they are offered on the campus nearest me. Can I forget about those courses and take other courses instead?
A: Some courses rarely make because of insufficient numbers at some of our smaller campuses; therefore, it may be necessary for you to enroll in these courses at a less convenient campus or online through TN eCampus.

Q: Can I drop my Learning Support courses and keep my college-level courses?
A: Only under extreme circumstances should students drop Learning Support courses. Students enrolled in Learning Support courses did not meet the minimum admissions standards established by the Tennessee State Legislature and the TBR for enrolling in college-level courses. Students must finish courses to complete admissions requirements before taking only college-level courses.

Q: If I withdraw from a Learning Support course before I complete all the required competencies, will my completed competencies remain on my permanent record, or will I have to repeat all the work I did to complete those competencies when I repeat the course for a grade?
A: Although you will have to repeat the Learning Support course from which you withdrew, the competencies that you completed are entered on your permanent record, and you will not have to repeat the work that you did to complete them.

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