Columbia State Annual Giving

This has been an unprecedented year for Columbia State and students. No one could have imagined the events that would cause the College to have no other choice but to quickly transition to not only an online learning environment, but also, a remote work environment for employees from five campuses. The leadership, faculty and staff were amazing and they made it happen. The students stepped up and did their part. Don’t think there weren't hurdles! Some students did not have consistent access to reliable internet or computers, many classes just aren't designed for remote learning (think some of the science labs), and some people got pushed out of their comfort zones with unfamiliar technology. Other less tangible challenges factored in for many, such as loneliness and feelings of isolation, as well as uncertainty of the future, like family job stability, etc.  

It is because of consistent support over the years from our donors that positioned the College to be able to make the transition and still thrive. Technology for virtual classrooms, hotspots for students, loaner computers and increased sanitizing supplies are in place. Student emergency funds and scholarships have filled gaps for traditional and non-traditional students to help them continue their studies.

We ask you to join us in supporting the college, knowing it helps make more of a difference than you may ever fully realize