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    If you know exactly what you want to do and want to get there as quickly as possible, check out the Finish Faster programs. These programs give you the best of both worlds: an excellent education and the opportunity to start your career sooner. Finish Faster programs can save time and money, as fewer semesters means less in tuition and fees. Finish Faster programs also take the guesswork out of scheduling classes each semester, as each program has a clearly defined path to graduation. You’ll know from the start what courses to take, how much the program will cost, and the degree or certificate you’ll earn.

Are you looking for a flexible program to fit your busy schedule?

The Finish Faster program is designed to help students find a program that works for them and to graduate on-time (two years) or less. Two types of programs included in Finish Faster are Cohorts and Structured Learning Communities.

What is a Cohort? 
A cohort is a group of students who take courses to complete a program of study together. Students take classes with similar goal-oriented, dedicated students who can participate in study groups. Students in this program will work with a faculty advisor from the beginning to the end of the program.

What is a Structured Learning Community?
Students take a group of classes with the same students during their first semester. Students develop a personal sense of belonging in a collaborative community of learners. This experience should create an easier transition into college life and develop a support network of students, advisers and faculty. 

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