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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find Columbia State Online Campus courses in the schedule?

A: When searching for courses in the semester schedule, search under the “Instructional Method” category for available Online Campus courses under the “WEB-Asynchronous” heading. Click here for information on registering and available courses.

Q: How much computer and Internet experience do I need to succeed in an Internet course?

A: You need some experience navigating and using the Internet. Important skills include knowing how to download files, attach document files to email, and use word processing software. (An online orientation is available to learn to navigate the Online Campus.)

Q: What if I don't have equipment needed at home to access an Online Campus course?

A: All Columbia State campuses have computer labs and resource centers with open lab hours where the courses may be accessed.

Q: Is there an orientation for the Online Campus courses?

A: All students are required to take the online orientation provided in the course. Individual instructors may schedule a face-to-face orientation to explain the requirements of the course and go over the online course management tools. Please check with your course instructor for information concerning on-ground orientation.

Q: Do students get the same information and content in an Online Campus course as they would in an on-campus course?

A: Though the manner by which the material is transmitted is different, the education you receive from an online class is the same.

Q: Can I work at my own pace, or do I need to follow a class schedule?

A: Online Campus courses follow the same schedule as traditional courses. These are not self-paced courses. Students follow an outline of topics, turn in assignments and take exams on dates scheduled in the course by the instructor.

Q: Are there attendance requirements for Online Campus courses?

A: An online class absence may be identified as a missed assignment or inactivity in the course site, which the instructor is able to track. Just like instructors require you to show up for traditional classes, you must also meet a different form of attendance requirements.  While you will not show up physically to class, you will participate digitally by logging onto the course management system.

Q: How do I access my online class?

A: The Online Campus may be accessed by going to myChargerNet, logging in with your MyCN account, and clicking the Online Campus icon. Once you are logged in, you will see your course list. Click on the course name to enter the class.

Q: Will there be any on-campus meetings?

A: Online Campus course work is done completely online, but there are occasions when an instructor may require students to come to the nearest campus to take online proctored tests or quizzes.

Q: What is a test proctor and how do I find the proctors schedule at the nearest campus?

A: A test proctor is a Columbia State staff member whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the test is given to the standards and conditions outlined by the instructor. Proctor schedules for each campus are located on the Columbia State Testing Services website.

Q: How do I complete my coursework?

A: Online campus courses are taught using the Online Campus course management system. Coursework completed within the online learning environment involves lectures, email, discussion boards, testing, file sharing, and group collaboration.

Q: Are Online Campus courses easier than traditional courses?

A: Online Campus courses require at least as much effort and time as traditional courses, if not more. Since students work primarily on their own and without face-to-face contact with instructors, they may not always have regular classroom reminders and clarifications available to students in traditional courses.

Q: Where do I buy textbooks that are required for an Online Campus course?

A: Books may be purchased at any of the college's campuses or may be ordered online from the college bookstore at Textbooks for Columbia State Online Campus Courses should be purchased following instructions provided on the course web pages or during the course orientation.

Q: Who do I contact if I need technical assistance in my Online Campus course?

A: For course-related issues, you should contact your course instructor. For all other issues, you can email
  • To provide the best services possible, please provide the information outlined below when contacting technical support:
    • First and last name
    • Course name and number for which you require assistance
    • A complete description of the problem for which you require assistance.

Q: Will I have an opportunity to evaluate the course and the instructor?

A: A course evaluation may appear in your ChargerNet account. You must complete the evaluation before you can receive your grade. (Note: Only designated courses are evaluated each semester.)

Q: If I have a question or complaint about my instructor, who do I contact?

A: You should first talk to your instructor directly. If you still have unresolved issues, you should speak to the relevant division’s dean.

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