About CCMI

The College & Community Mentoring Initiative at Columbia State was launched in 2013 through the Office of Access and Diversity.

CCMI’s goal is to foster mentoring relationships that support Columbia State students in their journey to self-reliance, successful graduation and transfer to a four-year institution or job placement. The staff, volunteers, and participants in CCMI form a network and a support system for African Americans and other underrepresented student groups at Columbia State. Mentees and mentors interact in two different ways: 

CAMPUS CONNECT-Mentees are matched with mentors on the faculty/staff of Columbia State who assist them with on-campus support and navigating the resources of the college.

COMMUNITY CONNECT-Mentees are matched with community mentors and resources, offering additional encouragement, feedback, resources, and opportunities beyond the campus

Mentoring Makes the Difference!

Mentoring is a learning partnership between two people who want to share knowledge and experience. In this process, mentors offer mentees emotional and informational support that may come in many forms: friendship, acceptance, critique, problem-solving, resource-linking, guidance, coaching, advocacy and sponsorship. 

Check Out the Stats:

  • First-year students who are mentored are significantly more likely to return to college for a second year.
  • Underrepresented students who are mentored have a higher GPA and are twice as likely to graduate as non-mentored, underrepresented students. 

Qualities of Great Mentees:

  • Enrolled as a student at Columbia State’s Columbia campus.
  • Motivated to improve your academic, personal and professional life.
  • Open to opportunities to learn, grow, plan, and to build your network and support system.
  • Available to meet with your mentor on a regular basis.
  • Committed to your own success, and prepared to discuss your needs and your challenges in the journey.

Qualities of Great Mentors:

  • Currently employed on Columbia State’s Columbia campus OR a community member, couple or organization with a passion for supporting students.
  • Knowledgeable, reachable and capable of listening with empathy and without judgment.
  • Available to meet with your mentee on a regular basis.
  • Skilled at goal-setting, problem-solving and encouragement. 

Interested? Great!

You can CONNECT today…

  • Contact the CCMI Coordinator, Dr. Christa Martin (Columbia Campus) and sign up to become a MENTEE or a MENTOR email cmartin@ColumbiaState.edu or accessanddiversity@ColumbiaState.edu
  • Tell other students about CCMI and the opportunity to be mentored.
  • Encourage colleagues to see mentoring as an important extension of their other professional roles or personal commitments.
  • Offer networking opportunities or sponsor a mentoring event/activity.
  • Create internships, job shadowing opportunities, or other ways for students to transition to careers in your place of employment.
  • Encourage organizations within your network to promote and support the CCMI initiative.
  • Donate incentives and rewards.

View and print the Volunteer/Mentor Application.

View the complete CCMI brochure.

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