Responsible Charger Promise

During this challenging and stressful time when there are differences of opinion as to what is safe and what protects others, it is incumbent that we have a unified standard. The Responsible Charger Promise speaks to us as a community of learners supporting and respecting one another. The Promise is a promise of actions and commitments for the care and safety of others, as well as oneself in the monitoring and prevention of COVID-19 transmission. As a member of the Columbia State community, you are asked to abide by and encourage others to endorse the Responsible Charger Promise tenets:


  • Be empathetic for my fellow students, faculty and staff enduring the stress of the current COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Show patience and understanding knowing that it is a stressful time and I will make every effort to be a part of the solution.
  • All individuals who are fully vaccinated may be on campus in buildings mask free. All individuals who are not fully vaccinated should wear a mask while in buildings.
  • Stay home or go home if I exhibit any symptoms that may be COVID-19 related or my temperature is at 100.4 or greater.
  • Follow the College’s protocols for isolation or quarantine as posted on the College’s website.
  • Practice daily self-care, proper handwashing, and respiratory etiquette.
  • Avoid crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.
  • Practice and abide by social distancing (6 feet in distance) in my daily interactions with others.
  • Observe and abide by College established guidelines regarding the use of campus spaces.
  • Notify College officials if I have contracted the virus.