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Career Services

Referral Process

Step 1.
Pre-Referral Career Mapping

Use Career Services webpage tools and resources.

All students should be encouraged to participate in workshops & information sessions in order to address their career development needs. Although pre-registration is useful for planning career workshop sessions, registration for workshops is not required and walk-in’s are welcomed to attend.

Prior to referring a student to Career Services, assistance should be provided to the student in ‘mapping out first things first’ with their assigned academic advisors, professional/support staff, retention counselors, etc.

Major-specific information provided to student by the assigned academic advisor, professional/support staff, retention counselors, etc.

Remember to A.S.K.* undecided/undeclared students which courses interests/disinterests them most, share Columbia State programs of study which may match their interests, and know which division offers the program(s)/ major(s) of interest and refer student to a specific representative within the division of interest.

  • what types of courses interests/disinterests the student most and why
  • information about Columbia State Community College majors/programs which may fit the interests of the student.  This information is available on the
  • Columbia State Online Catalog & Student Handbook and/or high resolution downloads http://www.columbiastate.edu/catalog-handbook
  • which division(s) offer(s) the program/major in which student is most interested. Connect student with a division representative for program-specific information.
Step 2.
Refer Student to Career Services Web Tools
Career Services website designed to provide information on careers and majors. Encourage student to utilize the free tools and available resources on the Career Services web page.
Step 3.
Complete Career Services

To refer a student for career services, complete the Career Services Referral Appointment Form (RAF’s) which are available in both paper and/or online electronic formats. The faculty advisor or the student may also email to request an appointment CareerServices@ColumbiaState.edu.

Upon receipt of the Referral Appointment Form (RAF), Career Services will contact the student with action steps which may include setting up a career development session or referring student to participate in upcoming workshop information sessions, activities and/or utilization of resources which may benefit the referred student.

Career Service Level(s) will be measured by the Career Services Office as follows:
Illuminate Level
Resource tools and materials provided to the student for independent career research
Moderate Level
 Attendance in workshops, group information sessions and/or career development activities
Intensive Level  Administration of individual professional career assessments, surveys, and one-on-one career counseling sessions. This level may also include a recommendation for student to register for Career Success credit course. (Fees and time investment are associated with this level of service to student)


1. Request a workshop or presentation to your student group. The topic can be anything related to career planning or job search. Examples: Resume writing, Interviewing, Job Search, Career Planning, etc. Just e-mail Career Services at CareerServices@ColumbiaState.edu to let us know the topic, location, time and number of students.  

2. Provide career information about your area (some information may be available on the Career Services web page resources).
3. Post job openings
that you receive via email at CareerServices@ColumbiaState.edu.
4. Research career related data for your area.

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