What Can I Do With a Career in History?

Remember that most careers do not require that you have a specific major but that you meet a minimum amount of education.

So the question is not so much what can you do with a certain major but what you want to do and how you want to get there. The following list is a beginning point to help you explore a few related career choices based on an academic interest you might have.

Potential Careers
Archivist, Biographer, Demographer, Editor, Genealogist, Historian, History Teacher K-12, History Professor, College Historic Preservationist, Historical Society Administrator, Historical Home Owner/Manager, Journalist, Lawyer, Librarian, Lobbyist, Local, State or Federal Politician, Museum Curator, National & State Park Administrator, Nonprofit Organization Administrator, Paralegal, Political Scientist, Public Administrator, Research & Consulting, Writer

Potential Employers
Museums, Historical Homes, Art Galleries, Newspapers/Magazines, Historical Societies, National and State Parks, Federal and State Government Agencies, Lobbying Groups, Consulting Groups, Political Offices, Universities, Schools, K-12, Law Firms, Research Organizations, Genealogical Organizations, Historic Sites, Political Campaigns

Archivist Association
Federal Job Listings
Links for the History profession
Museum Job listings
OOH, Historian career profile
OOH, College Professor profile
OOH, Editor career profile
OOH, Lawyer career profile
OOH, Librarian career profile
OOH, Teacher K-12 career profile
OOH, Writer career profile

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