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Film Crew Technology
(Technical Certificate)

Dreaming of a career in film?

The Film Crew Technology program allows students to get hands-on experience and learn the necessary skills to find success working as crew members in the film, video, and media industries.

The Film Crew Technology program is located at Columbia State's Williamson Campus. The program is a high-intensive, 12-month certificate program designed to break the catch-22 conundrum most beginning filmmakers have. "How do I get hired without experience, but how do I get experience without getting hired?" 

We Provide the Experience.

Film Crew Technology provides access to the tools students need to know to find professional work!
Columbia State's Film Crew Technology program is one of only three colleges in North America that offer this level of technology to undergraduate students. This technology includes:


  • The ARRI Alexa
  • The RED Dragon
  • Cinema Prime Lenses
  • Jibs and Cranes

Grip & Electric

  • 3-Ton Grip Truck, Stocked
  • ARRI & KINO Lighting
  • Doorway Dolly
  • Blue/Green Screen


  • SOUND DEVICES Field Recorders
  • Boom Mic Rigs
  • Wireless Lavalieres

Other Technologies Include:

  • Sound Stage: 40'x40'x30' space; 2-wall, white cyclorama, DMX lighting board and lights
  • Preproduction & Post Computer Lab: Featuring - Adobe Creative Cloud, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Movie Magic Scheduling & Budgeting, ScriptE, ShotPut, Shot Designer and other technologies used on professional productions.

Training Includes:

  • Set Safety and Etiquette – The importance of being Set Ready
  • Preproduction – Script Breakdowns, Locations, Planning, Scheduling, and Art Department
  • Production – Electrical (lighting), Grip, 2 & 4K Cinematography, Sound, Script Supervision, and DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
  • Post-Production – Media Management, Nonlinear editing, Color Correction, and Delivery
  • Staffed by working, award-winning motion picture professionals.

The Advisory Board:

The FCT Program Advisory Board is comprised of outstanding professionals—both locally and nationally—as well as members of IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) and SAG (Screen Actors Guild).

Where do you go from here?

Those graduating with the Film Crew Technology certificate have many options after completing the program. The two most common are:

  • Stepping right into the film production workforce.
    • Ideal for those wanting to work below-line as G&E, camera/cinematography, post, etc.
  • Continuing on to get a Bachelor’s degree
    • Working in the industry (rather than fast food or retail) while getting one’s degree is ideal. It not only increase your experience, it also expands your network—something essential for this industry.
    • Ideal for those wanting to eventually work above-line as a writer, director, producer, etc.