students working on equipment

Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education at Columbia State (FAME-CS)

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Upon high school graduation, this program allows students to directly enter Columbia State’s cutting-edge program. Students will also be connected to an industry partner for an internship/apprenticeship opportunity with pay.

Students will:

  • Be selected through an interview process.
  • Attend two full days of classroom instruction per week, including team meetings.
  • Maintain a "C" or higher in all classes to remain eligible for the FAME-CS Co-op.
  • Work a minimum of three eight hour days per week with pay.
  • Adhere to the guidelines established by the industry consortium partners.
  • Upon completion of the requirements, students will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in Engineering Systems Technology.

Industry partners will:

  • Drive the program as a coalition.
  • Interview and select students for the program.
  • Provide full-time employment for students during the first summer after graduation.
  • Provide part-time employment (2-3 days per week) during regular school year.
  • Provide students with proper work attire that identifies them as FAME-CS students.
  • Have an opportunity to hire employees with two years of on the job experience at their specific facility.