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Sociology: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What can I do with a major in sociology?

A: Sociologists work in a variety of areas, including nonprofit organizations, research associations, educational institutions, as well as in the private sector as consultants. Please see Career Services for more information on possible careers.

Q: Will all of my classes transfer to another institution?

A: Each institution is unique in its program requirements. The general education curriculum offered at Columbia State is designed to transfer to most schools. Please speak with your advisor regarding the courses you have taken and courses that will be required at your chosen four-year institution.

Q: What sociology classes will I have to take at Columbia State Community College as a pre-sociology major?
A: Columbia State currently offers four sociology courses, all of which are required in order to complete an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts degree with a pre-sociology concentration. The classes are Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Marriage and Family, and Cultural Anthropology.

Q: How do I declare a major in sociology at Columbia State Community College?
A: When you enroll in Columbia State, you will have an opportunity to declare your desired major. If you have already declared a major and would like to change your major to sociology, you may fill out a Change of Major form.

Q: Do I have to take a foreign language to graduate with a concentration in sociology at Columbia State?
A: If the degree program you are entering at a four-year university requires a foreign language, it may be in your best interest to take a foreign language while at Columbia State. If you have taken all general education requirements and a foreign language, you will graduate Columbia State with an Associate of Arts degree. An Associate of Science degree does not require foreign language course work. Please speak with your advisor or refer to the general education requirements for more detailed information on the foreign language requirement.

Q: How do I know which major—psychology or sociology—is best for me if I know I want to work with people?

A: A four-year degree in psychology, sociology or social work can qualify you for similar occupations; however, the difference lies in the focus of the disciplines. Psychology focuses more on individuals, whereas sociology examines social life. Social work is a more applied field and may combine both sociological and psychological perspectives in methods of research and counseling. For more information on these disciplines, refer to: www.asanet.org/

Q: Will I be able to get a job in the field of sociology?
A: Because sociology is a discipline that covers all aspects of human life and the organizations through which societies operate, sociology is applicable to many occupations. Sociology is considered a versatile degree, as it deals with human interaction and social life. Ask someone in an organization where you might like to work about the experience, education, and skills necessary for the position. You may also have to relocate in order to acquire certain jobs.

Q: How can I get experience working in sociology?
A: Columbia State Community College is very active in Maury County with volunteer organizations, and many would welcome a new volunteer that desires experience and training in a particular area. In addition, there is also a wealth of volunteer opportunities available in Davidson and Williamson counties. The organization would expect a commitment, as it will require their time and resources to train new volunteers. In addition, the sociology department can also work with students to find internship and co-op opportunities for sociology majors at Columbia State.

Q: Will I need an advanced degree to acquire a good job in sociology?

A: You should verify the requirements for the job you want. Some employment opportunities are available with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree. A list of job titles for the B.A., Master’s and Ph.D. is available at: http://www.asanet.org/career-center/research-careers

Q: What courses should I take for the social science electives as a Pre-Sociology major?
A: You may choose your social science electives from the following departments: Economics, Geography, Political Science and/or Psychology. Your advisor can direct you on which specific courses will best serve your educational and professional objectives.

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