Veterinary Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     How many students are accepted each year? The average class size for the past few years has been 30 students.

2.     Are applicants able to enroll in the program during any semester?
Students may enroll in the program only in the fall semester of each year.

3.    Is financial aid available?
Veterinary Technology students are eligible for any assistance programs offered to Columbia State students. A few program-specific scholarships are available to second year students enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program.

4.    Is it possible to transfer credit from another college or university?
Equivalent general education coursework may be transferred from another school. This will not shorten the length of the program, however, since all Vet Tech courses must be taken in sequence.

5.    What about job placement for program graduates?

For the past several years, all program graduates who have sought employment in the field have found jobs.

6.    Are students able to work while enrolled in the program?
Many Vet Tech students work while enrolled in the program. Class and clinical schedules are set at the beginning of each semester allowing students to give ample notice to employers. Work schedules must be arranged around class/clinical requirements. Each student should consider the possible impact of work on the potential for program performance.

7.    Is the applicant required to have experience in the veterinary field to be admitted to the program?
Work experience in the veterinary field is not a requirement for admission to the program. The applicant is required to spend an eight-hour observation period in a veterinary clinic as a part of the admission process.

8.    Are Veterinary Technology courses offered on all campus sites?
Veterinary Technology courses are offered only at the Columbia campus.

9.    Are Veterinary Technology courses offered online?
Since Vet Tech courses involve a combination of classroom and hands-on activities, these courses are not offered online.

10.    Do students receive on-the-job training?
Veterinary Technology students participate in clinical training in Middle Tennessee veterinary facilities for the final three of the five required semesters. Students must provide their own transportation to and from these facilities.

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