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Readmission Requirements

Only one readmission into the Radiologic Technology Program is permitted. Readmission to the Radiologic Technology Program after dismissal is not guaranteed, regardless of the reason for dismissal.

A student who wishes to apply for readmission must do so, in writing, within 90 days of dismissal from the program. Regardless of the reason for dismissal, it is the sole responsibility of the student to request readmission in writing to the program director. The advisory committee for the Radiologic Technology Program will make a readmission decision after reviewing all student records and interviewing the student.

Due to the rapid change of technology in the field of radiology:
  1. If three or more years have elapsed since enrollment in the program, the radiology courses must be repeated.
  2. If five or more years have elapsed since previous college enrollment or completion of the following courses, these requirements apply:
    • Anatomy and Physiology courses must be repeated
    • Elementary Statistics or Pre-calculus Algebra must be repeated
    • All current application/enrollment requirements apply.
  3. A conference record form completed upon the student’s dismissal from the program must be on file to be eligible for readmission.
Readmission Procedure
  1. Send a written readmission request to the program director within 90 days of dismissal from the program
  2. Provide written documentation to the Radiologic Technology Program director stating the reason(s) for withdrawal or failure and indicate the actions the student has followed to ensure success in the program if readmitted. This documentation must be submitted before a student will be considered for readmission.
  3. The Radiologic Technology Program director will notify the student by mail when and where the interview will be held.
  4. The Radiologic Technology Program director will notify the student by mail of his/her readmission status.
Program enrollment is limited by clinical education settings capacity and readmission will be considered only if there are positions available within the class.

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