Program of Study

Program of study effective through SPRING 2018:

August 2017 applicants seeking Spring 2018 admission
will be scored based on the prior system and follow the existing curriculum sequence.  A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for program application. 

February 2018 applicants seeking Fall 2018 admission will be scored based on revised criteria (see link to ‘Admission Scoring Criteria’) and follow the revised curriculum sequence.  A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for program application. 

table of curriculum transition

Program of study effective FALL 2018

For students admitted to the nursing program with no applicable general education (non-nursing) college credit(s)
classes for 4 semester program

This program of study demonstrates the ability to complete the AAS Nursing degree in four (4) semesters.

*Grades in designated courses are used in the admission scoring process. Success in these courses can increase an applicant’s admission score and competitiveness. 

Nursing school is challenging and requires attention to time-management and self-discipline. Many students enter the nursing program with credit for some or all of the non-nursing course work. Faculty advisors assist students with prior credit in developing an individual academic plan to completion. Regardless of prior credit, in-program students must take all courses during or prior to the semester listed in the paradigm. Depending upon the number of courses completed in advance, most students are able to maintain full-time status (minimum 12 credit hours) throughout the program.

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