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Fire Science - Technical Certificate

The Fire Science program is designed to prepare current and future firefighters for careers and advancement in the firefighting profession.

The program is designed for those who have little or no experience with the fire service industry in preparation for entry-level positions. The certificate may also allow experienced firefighters to expand learning with credit for knowledge and skills gained through training and certifications.

I think that a young man or woman, or any age, who wants to go to school and have a career in public safety should be able to do that and shouldn't have to travel long distances, but be able to do that in your own backyard. ~ Columbia Fire Chief and Columbia State alumnus, Ty Cobb

The mission of the Fire Science program is to help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge for professional fire protection.

What Columbia State is doing for the fire service in Middle Tennessee is unprecedented in that it will help provide a gateway for our volunteer firefighters to change our career from a trade into a profession. ~ Jay Bonson, Williamson County fire coordinator

Fire Science Courses

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