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Degree Audits and Degree Pathways

Degree audits list the courses required to complete a degree. Use these audits when planning your college registration, as well as insuring that you're able to complete a degree.

To run a degree or certificate audit:

Log into myChargerNet, go to the Student tab, and click on the "Run Degree Audit" link on the Self-Service menu. If the curriculum information regarding your major is correct, click on "Generate New Evaluation". If you would like to run an audit based on a different major or catalog year, click on "What If Analysis" and follow the steps:
  • Select a term, which means a catalog year.
  • Select a program, which means a degree or certificate.
  • Select the major.
  • Click "Add More" if you need to select a concentration or emphasis, otherwise click "Submit". If applicable, select the concentration or emphasis, then click "Submit" click "Generate Request."

Interpreting the audit:

  • The information under the top heading “Program Description” lists the Program, Degree, Major, Catalog, and Concentration (if applicable) for which the audit was run. You must select a term (catalog) for which you are or have been enrolled.
  • Under the heading “Program Evaluation” you will see a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ under the “Met” column describing the required hours and GPA. Bear in mind that even though the Total Required hours, Required Institutional hours, and Overall GPA requirement may reflect a ‘Yes’, this information may change if classes are dropped and/or failed.
  • Review each “Area Requirements”. Those that lack completion will have a note of ‘No’ under the “Met” column. Areas which are listed as ‘Yes’ include current enrollment and may change if classes are dropped and/or failed. If it is BLANK under the “Met” column then you need to look for the “Yes” or “No” under the “Detail Requirements”.
  • You may see a ‘No’ next to an OR scenario (such as Natural Science). If the area requirement says ‘YES’ then you are okay. It will remain No next to the one you did not complete and YES next to the one you did complete.
  • The system should use all equivalent quarter hour courses as well as courses whose rubrics and course IDs have changed over time.

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