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MATH 0800 Learning Support Mathematics I (3)
This course will allow students to develop and show mastery of the outcomes required for entry into college-level mathematics which include: real number sense and operations, operations with algebraic expressions, analyze graphs, solve equations, and modeling and critical thinking. Students must show competency in all five TBR approved mathematics outcomes before enrolling in college-level mathematics. The student must show competency in three out of five Learning Support Mathematics outcomes to earn a passing grade in this course. (This course is institutional credit only.) (Prerequisite: 13 to 18 Math ACT or comparable placement test score.) 3 hrs. lecture/lab.

MATH 0802 Learning Support Mathematics II (2)
This course is a continuation of MATH 0800 for students who have not demonstrated competency in all five Learning Support Mathematics outcomes. (This course is institutional credit only.) (Prerequisite: Successful completion of at least three of the five outcomes from MATH 0800.) 2 hrs. lecture/lab.

The Learning Support Program within the Tennessee Board of Regents system is designed to evaluate student competencies in essential skills. The Math curriculum includes five student competencies:
MLS1     Real Number Sense and Operations
MLS2     Operations with Algebraic Expressions
MLS3     Analyze Graphs
MLS4     Solve Equations
MLS5     Modeling and Critical Thinking

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