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The Foundation Ambassadors

Mr. Steve Bates
Ms. Darlene Baxter
Dr. Victor Beck, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth Cherry
Mr. Bruce Cotton
Mr. Jim Criswell
Ms. Caroline Cross
Ms. Elizabeth Crutcher
Dr. Eslick Daniel
Mr. Dean Dickey
Mr. Jonathan Edwards
Dr. Ronnie Erwin
Ms. Jennifer Graham
Hon. Stella Hargrove
Dr. O. Rebecca Hawkins
Mr. Richard Herrington
Mr. Waymon Hickman
Dr. Pitts Hinson
Ms. Camille Howell
Mr. Sam Kennedy
Mr. Steve Konz
Mr. Blake Lay
Mr.  Marc Lively
Ms. Sydney McClain
Mr. Ben McKnight
Mr. Dalton Mounger
Mr. Bill Perdue
Mr. Tim Pettus
Dr. Harold Pryor
Dr. Joe Remke III
Ms. Jennifer Richardson
Mr. Lonnie Roberts
Ms. Mary Ann Roberts
Mr. Danny Rochelle
Mr. Cromer Smotherman
Mr. John Stephens
Mr. Randy Stevens
Mr. John Tomlinson III
Mr. Doug Venable
Mr. Bill Walter

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