Science, Technology, & Mathematics Division

Do you have an interest in Business, Computer Science, Criminal Justice,  Mathematics or Science?  Explore the possibilities below.

Several studentsAccounting

The Accounting emphasis is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor's degree in Accounting.

Student learning machineAdvanced Integrated Industrial Technology

It’s a high-tech world, and Columbia State’s AiiT program is ready to help you get a foot in the door.

hand holding small plantAgriculture - Agricultural Business

The Agricultural Business emphasis can lead to a career in agricultural sales, management, and statistics.

2 people and horseAgriculture - Animal Science

The Agriculture - Animal Science emphasis can lead to a career in farm/ranch management, animal product sales, or animal health technician.

branch of yellow bloomsAgriculture - Plant and Soil

The Plant and Soil Science emphasis is for students planning to complete a bachelor's degree in Plant and Soil Science, Turf Grass, Landscape Design, or Crop Science.

Students working with beakersBiology

Students who pursue an emphasis in Biology have careers opened to them in zoology, entomology, histology, fisheries & wildlife management, health care.

group of office peopleBusiness Administration

The Business Administration emphasis (A.S.) is a two-year program for students planning to complete a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing or Management.

3 business professionalsBusiness

Columbia State’s degree in Business (A.A.S.) can help prepare you to enter or advance in a business career after completing a two-year degree.

science labChemistry

Learn more about the possibilities when pursuing a degree in Chemistry.

law enforcersCriminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program offers a Law Enforcement educational track for those individuals who are seeking a career in policing.

adding machineEconomics-Business

When you study Economics-Business at Columbia State, you’re studying something that affects every one of us, every day.

one individualEngineering-Civil

If you are fascinated by how a watch works or how bridges and dams are built, you may find a career in Engineering the perfect fit.


Through the Engineering program, students work closely with science and math faculty and have ample access to science and computer labs..

Smiling personGeneral Technology

Columbia State lets you apply some, most or all of the work you’ve already put into getting certification toward a two-year degree with General Technology.

computer keyboardInformation Systems

Students who pursue a degree in Information Systems at Columbia State will be well on the way to being able to set up and manage a network or to design a website.

group of peopleInformation Systems Technology

Information Systems Technology at Columbia State Community College offers a variety of two-year degrees that will help get you from the classroom to the workplace.

person working on a white boardMathematics

Do you love math and all those formulas that make the world go round? You can turn that knack with numbers into a career with a degree in Mathematics.

working in a labPhysics

Students of Physics are often motivated by an intense curiosity concerning the physical processes of the world (and universe) around them.

2 people looking at a computer screenPre-Health Professions

Want to be a dentist? A veterinarian? A medical doctor? Pre-Health Professions Program will help you learn more about the path to a number of health-related professional schools.

student looking through a microscopePre-Occupational Therapy

The Pre-Occupational Therapy degree at Columbia State is an important first step for students seeking a career working with the sick, injured and infirm.

Therapist working with patientPre-Physical Therapy

The Pre-Physical Therapy degree at Columbia State represents an important first step for students planning to enter profession schools of physical therapy.

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